Your Trusted Hollow Tube Axles Manufacturer

In need of hollow axles? At our Melbourne facility, we use state of the art machinery and fine precision to craft industry-grade hollow tube axles in quick turnarounds, all in-house. Based in the heart of Melbourne, our manufacturing unit has been combining expertise, passion, and innovation to deliver top-notch hollow axles and can cater to your diverse needs. We have been serving customers across the whole of Victoria with their axle production needs and can help you with your trailer part requirements.
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Count on Us for Your Hollow Tube Axles in Melbourne

We use state-of-the-art process, machinery & Jigs to produce the best-in-class Hollow Tube Axles at our
manufacturing facility in Campbellfield VIC.

*D – Represents the tube size |  L – Represents the Length of the axle

Hollow Axles provide a better alternative to solid beam axles as it offers a 40% weight reduction without compromising on the capacity of the axles. These are made from Galvanised RHS of high quality C450 grade. These axles can be constructed of any size as per the customer requirement as they are manufactured in-house in our state of the art manufacturing facility.

Made in house
using TOP Quality Australian Steel

Grade C450
High Strength

Up to 40% Lighter

NO reduction
in carrying capacity

Choosing Hollow Tube Axles for Your Trailer

There’s a reason a hollow tube axle is one of the most widely used axle choice among buyers. They’re frequently used in domestic as well as utility and boat trailers and are highly-durable. Fabricated using a singular yet solid steel, these axles can be engineered for precision, are corrosion resistant, and display unmatched strength against wear and tear.
These axles can also be made to suit the necessary Australian standards, and tailored according to the size, loading capacity, and dimensions you need. By hiring a reputable hollow axle manufacturer, you can eliminate any worries and rest assured on your purchase.

We Have You Covered for Your Hollow Tube Axles Needs

At SIR Trailer Parts, we understand the vital role hollow axles play in the construction of trailers in Melbourne. That’s why we work on producing axles that are built to last and are economically feasible.
All our axles are proudly manufactured at our facility in Victoria, leading to huge cost savings for our customers. We also specialise in an array of custom axle assemblies, spanning from regular ones to custom builds. Being wholesalers for customers, we can take out all the hassles that go around production and can deliver capacities in high volume with ease. With us, it’s all about getting the job done without any fuss or stress.
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