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Navigating the world of trailer parts can be daunting, but at SIR Trailer Parts, we make getting industry-grade trailer parts hassle-free, simple, and affordable. Since 2013, we have been at the forefront as one of Australia’s leading suppliers and wholesalers of trailer parts across the country with a combined expertise of 53 years. From trailer brakes to suspensions and more we service your every need whilst offering complete transparency and no last-minute surprises.

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Don’t Take Chances with Your Trailer Spares

Be it Melbourne or any other city, trailers play a pivotal role from hauling goods to leisurely recreation. Just like any other piece of machinery, they also require regular maintenance and occasionally, part replacements. Over time, wear and tear is natural, indicating a need for some upgrades or replacements. During such times, it’s crucial to turn to a trusted trailers manufacturer in Melbourne to ensure you buy trailer parts that aren’t just premium but also feasible.

At SIR Trailer Parts, we help you service your every trailer part requirement in Melbourne and across the whole of Australia. Whether you own boat trailers, box trailers, caravan chassis or more, our vast selection ensures you find the right part or accessory for your heavy-load trailers that enhances their functionality and longevity, so they stay up and running for years to come.

State-of-the-Art In-house Manufacturing

SIR Trailer Parts prides itself on their manufacturing process with complete in-house axle production at our facility utilising industry-grade casting, presses, and CNC machines.

Thanks to this, we can fabricate parts with some of the highest level of precision including but not limited to discs, drums, axles, hubs, coupling plates, and more. What’s more, we house skilled machinists and craftsmen to ensure your part needs are fulfilled whenever the need.


Hubs & Drums
Leaf Spring
Wheels & Tyres
Trailer Drawbar

Why Choose SIR Trailer Parts?

Choosing SIR Trailer Parts is more than about quality trailer parts. It’s about choosing a partner who never lets you down.

As a trailer parts wholesaler in Melbourne with a global reach, we cater to wholesalers throughout Australia. If you are a wholesaler, you can rest assured of not only superior quality parts but unwavering support. We live by a ‘never say no‘ motto and will meet timelines and exceed expectations so you can focus on doing what you do best.

If you need wholesale trailer parts, we can even tailor our offerings whilst maintaining quality, value, and a partnership you expect from a wholesaler who has manufactured trailer parts for large OEMs over the years. Leave all your hassles behind when scouting for regular or box trailer parts and simply get in touch with the team at SIR Trailer Parts today.

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At ‘SIR’ we distinguish our self as the industry leader by providing superior, cost-effective trailer parts to our customers. We achieve our required standard in every task we undertake.